20 Days

20 Days Exhibition

20 Days is the first exhibition to bring together the formative figurative and portraiture paintings, and their related studies, by contemporary Australian artist Tony Gillan. These are considered his most important works executed between 2003 and 2016. This exhibition traces Tony’s development of fluid figurative drawings through to more highly rendered expressionistic portrait paintings.

In his work, Tony tries to impart presence and mood through the emphasis of key features of the sitter, such as details in the face and hands. These are contrasted with the fluid rendering of the figure and background. He explores the creative tension between the static nature of the pose with the dynamic nature of the living figure, using a variety of line work and texture, a limited harmonious colour palette, and a complimentary background. Together the works in the exhibition reflect the artist’s search for an expression of the beauty of life and personal relationships through portraiture.

Portraiture & Figurative Works | Landscapes

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